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The Hosken Powell Memorial Offseason/Hot Stove Linkdump III

  • Metro-area Old Country Buffets are wrapping their steam trays in black ribbons this weekend in observance of Boof Bonser, who was traded to Boston for a PTBNL on Thursday.  Sources for the glutton-tastic restaurant chain say that they're hoping to recoup their projected losses by setting up a sausage-and-gravy buffet line in CC Sabathia's hotel room when the Yankees are in town.
  • Curtis Granderson killed the Twins while with Tigers.  The New York Yankees kill the Twins with an agonizing efficiency.  Curtis Granderson now plays for the New York Yankees.  I no longer wish to discuss this.  (Silver lining: fewer regular season games against him!)
  • LaVelle says that, despite the Mark DeRosa-shaped hole at third base (as noted by Jesse via Ken Rosenthal, they may be waiting until January), the Twins came out of the winter meetings relatively fine compared to their Central counterparts.  
  • Speaking of which, Detroit really did shake things up, did they not?
  • For the comments: who is your fifth starter right now?  Be realistic, anyone who is planning to type "Roy Halladay."  I cast my vote for Brian Duensing, based on zero statistical research and the fact that he essentially saved Minnesota's bacon last September.  FIP-pers, Reusses, and everyone in between, what say you?