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Who Am I? (Rochester Red Wings Edition)

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Keeping in the vein of changing things up, with tonight's edition there's one thing significantly different than how we've done it before:  each player only gets one clue.

Who am I:  I'm the Red Wings all-time leader in RBI.

Who am I:  I was drafted 31 rounds in front of Nick Punto, and hit 16 homers in my first season in Rochester.

Who am I:  Out of every single position player who was with the Red Wings the season we went 75-69, I am the ONLY one who hasn't seen major league playing time.

Who am I:  I'm a very efficient control pitcher who, in my first year with the team, won 16 games.

Who am I:  My final pitching line as a member of the Red Wings?  Seven innings, no runs, four hits, two strikeouts and a walk.  In fact, that was my entire tenure with the Minnesota organization.