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Red Sox @ Twins

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We have the Red Sox lineup, courtesy of LEN III:

Ellsbury, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Youkilis, 3B
Bay, LF
Wilkerson, RF
Lowrie, SS
Bailey, DH
Bard, C
Velazque, 1B

Wakefield, P

The Twins, courtesy of Phil Miller:

Alexi Casilla, 2B
Nick Punto, SS
Justin Morneau, 1B
Michael Cuddyer, RF
Jason Kubel, DH
Delmon Young, LF
Brian Buscher, 3B
Mike Redmond, C
Jason Pridie, CF

Glen Perkins, P

Other pitchers: Joe Nathan, Jesse Crain, Luis Ayala, Jason Jones, Mike Gosling, Sean Henn, Ben Julianel