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Twins 5, Boston 2 - Late Thoughts

Like those of you with extended cable packages, MLB.TV, or enough energy to find a live stream somewhere on the internet, I got my first glimpse of the 2009 Twins on Wednesday night.  I thought I'd run down a few of the highlights:

  • Glen Perkins pitched two pretty good innings, holding the Sawx to just a couple of hits.  He did, however, get five of his six outs via fly balls.  Given that he gave up more home runs last year than anyone else on the staff, despite throwing only the fourth-most innings, this may not bode well.
  • Didn't you love watching the Twins put three runs on the board by dinking and dunking and taking the extra base?  They put together four singles, none hit particularly sharply and two that didn't even really reach the outfield, added a sacrifice fly and - presto - three runs.
  • I thought Jesse Crain looked ready to go, even if the season started tomorrow.  Joe Nathan, maybe not so much.
  • I got a big kick of former "Gold Glover" Kevin Youkilis on Alexi Casilla's RBI single.  Casilla fisted one off behind first; Youkilis turned, dropped his head, and took off like he was heading for the foul pole on a wind sprint.  Nice form, to be sure, but the ball dropped about ten feet behind him, and by the time he looked back, a run had scored.
  • Starting a knuckleballer in the first spring training game ought to be outlawed.

If you saw it - or even if you didn't - what'd you think of the first spring training game?