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Twins 5, Yankees 4

Joe Crede makes his Twins debut.

It was a rough start, literally, for Scott Baker this afternoon.  Six hits and three runs (including a solo shot by Justin Leone) though his two innings of work doesn't read well in a box score, but thankfully numbers like those aren't the story at this time of year.  Baker went game-speed for two innings, and at this point all you're hoping for is to get a feel for the ball and to finish the day without an injury.  Both of those boxes were ticked this afternoon.

Today's other highlights...

  • Joe Crede walked, grounded into a double play and struck out in his three plate appearances today.
  • Jason Kubel went yard against Andrew Brackman in the sixth, bringing the Twins within a run.
  • Brian Duensing, Kevin Mulvey, Rob Delaney and Ben Julianel combined to throw six scoreless innings, allowing the offense to catch up and surpass the Yankees.
  • Delmon Young went 2-for-2 with a stolen base and an RBI.
  • Alexi Casilla and Danny Valencia committed errors in the field, throwing and fielding respectively, while Carlos Gomez notched an assist.
  • 26 guys got a look today.

Tomorrow's game is just after noon central time, with Francisco Liriano making his debut.  See you then!