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Why Ivan Rodriguez Doesn't Make Sense

As a member of the Minnesota Twins, I mean.  It's not like he makes no sense when he speaks.

On Friday afternoon, John Heyman of posted a piece on Pudge Rodriguez, stating that a couple of news clubs were showing interest in the veteran catcher.  By now you understand that the Minnesota Twins were labelled as one of those teams.

Pudge has had trouble finding work this spring, just like a whole lineup of aging former superstars that can't find their preferred balance between salary in a bottomed-out free agent market and playing time with a team they actually wouldn't mind playing for.  With limited options, what's a guy to do?

An unnamed source from a National League club included the Twins in this conversation.  The problem is that even with Joe Mauer out of the lineup on an indefinite basis, signing Ivan Rodriguez makes absolutely no sense.

I-Rod, 37 in 2009, hasn't had a decent offensive year since 2004.  He wants a job where he's the lead catcher in the battery.  He used to take steroids.  He's obviously in decline.  All of those are reasons to avoid signing him, because no matter what scenario we play out it's still not a good idea.

If Joe Mauer is back on the field in a few weeks and is able to play 110-120 games, Mike Redmond will already be doing a lot of the catching.  He's familiar with the pitching staff, and over the last four years has generally been a better hitter than Pudge, albeit with less playing time.

If we play out a worst-case scenario where Mauer isn't available at all this season, where's the logic in keeping two catchers in their late 30's on the roster?  If Joe loses 2009 to this SI Inflammation chances are the problem is worse than what's been currently revealed, which would mean it's time to start grooming a replacement.  There's no reason to block a young catcher with a second catcher who could be hanging up his cleats by the time the Twins open Target Field.

Redmond is already a short-term stop-gap, and a very capable one at that.  There's no reason to add another.

Reusse and LEN III have already put the hammer down on this rumor, but I needed to put in my two cents.  Things that make no sense bother me.