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The One Where Jesse Shares His Facebook Status

This is taken directly from my Facebook status this morning:

Jesse would like to thank the Colorado Rockies for bringing Lew Ford back into our lives, if only for a short time.

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 Mbennett at 10:16 on 16 March
Lew has to be careful...with Denver's high elevation, his shirts may not iron the same way. Perhaps he should try taking the shirt off his body, and placing it on an ironing board this time around.
 Jesse at 10:45 16 March via Facebook Mobile
I fail to see the fun in doing mundane, everyday things the safe way. Going to the store? Drive backward with your feet and one eye closed. Ironing? Forgo the board and use your body to ensure a smooth, form-fitting wear. Bunting to get on base? Bunt the ball into your chin.
 ZachD at 11:01 on 16 March
is he bringing his gnome friend back with him?
 Jesseat 11:26 16 March via Facebook Mobile
Nick Punto? If still plays for the Twins.
 ZachD at 11:28 on 16 March
no...damn...bat-girl cleared out her archives. Nevermind...
 Jesse at 11:29 16 March via Facebook Mobile
No, I get it. It was a joke. See, I joked your joke.
 ZachD at 14:30 on 16 March
ah...i see...clever...but i really do miss bat-girl
 Cmathewson at 15:44 on 16 March
Light saber noises!

When I say things like "If still plays for the Twins", I mean "He still plays for the Twins".  Clearly my phone didn't correctly predict my text after all, thanks for nothing T9.

The names were sort of changed to protect the innocent from admitting in public that they're actually my friends.

Welcome back, Lew Ford!  I'm looking forward to seeing at least one more of these, even if it's not in a Twins uniform: