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Beatdown in Chi-town

Friends, I know there is nothing we love more than a dominant win over the White Sox, and on the first head-to-head game of the season, the Twins delivered such a beating.

The wind was blowing hard all day (heck, all MONTH) here in Chicago, and R.A, Dickey's knuckleball was dipping and dancing all about the place.  Sure, he gave up a few runs, but altogether an excellent performance from our improvisational fifth starter (Baker pitched well in Fort Meyers today, by the way, so Dickey may not be holding that fort for much longer at all).

The real show came from the bats.  Joe Crede got a wonderful ovation from the homerish Sox faithful and promptly thanked them for their warm reception... via a baseball souvenir for someone in the left field seats.  The Sox would fight back and even take the lead for a time, but it was the Twins bats who would answer big.

With a narrow one run lead into the top of the seventh, Dr. Morneau hit a one run dinger and the Twins offense didn't stop afterwords.  By the time Morneau hit again, it was 11-3 Twins and there were still no outs in the seventh.

Listening from Chicago, it was absolutely, DELIGHTFUL to hear the resignation in the voice of the loathsome Hawk Harrelson as the Twins piled on hit after hit.

Altogether, a very solid showing by Dickey and a wonderful job by the Twins to steal a win with the backup pitcher on the mound.  Now, we get a great Sisco Kid vs. Blue Whale (sorry, Bartolo Colon, hard to tell the difference these days) matchup.  Viva la Twins.