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Colon Channels Past Glories

That was painful.

For a while, a brief while, it looked like a classic pitcher's duel.  Neither starter had outstanding stuff, but with a little help from the defense it was enough to keep the opposing offenses off the board.  Bartolo Colon, of the past, and Francisco Liriano, perhaps of the present and future, battling it out on a chilly Chicago afternoon.

For a while, it was fun.

In the fourth inning, Liriano's control faultered before he was able to bail himself out of the inning.  The bottom of the fifth was a different matter however, and while the Twins wouldn't manage a single run the entire game, Liriano was unable to keep them in the game past the midway mark.  Borderline calls were balls, the inside of the strike zone was no-man's-land for a pitcher, and after walking in a pair of runs Cisco was lited.  A promising start didn't finish the same way, and that's two let downs in a row by the heir apparent.

After Colon, Octavio Dotel, Matt Thornton and Mike MacDouglal combined to throw three shutout innings.  Dotel actually walked himself into trouble before being lifted in the seventh, but that was as far as late threats went.  The Twins were quiet, and it wasn't much fun to watch after the middle innings.

Tomorrow is another day, and another opportunity to right the ship and take the series from the Chi Sox.

Stars of the Game
#3:  Michael Cuddyer (2-for-4)
#2:  Denard Span (0-for-2, 3 BB)
#1:  Nick Punto (2-for-2, 2 BB)