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Perkins, Glen Perkins.

Glen Perkins?  Seriously?  The guy who I thought was a 3-run home run machine waiting to happen?  YOUR ERA is under 2 this year?  You just went 8 against the hot hitting Jays, only giving up 2?


What is going on.  Really.

Anyways, I'll take it.  The Twins offense was cold again.  The Twins gave away chances all night, capped by an atrocious base-loaded no-outs situation in the sixth.  Big 5-6 hitters coming up?  No runs.  Grr.

Well guess what, Justin Morneau is just so sad his friend Joe Mauer still isn't with the team, but he's hitting anyway.  Maybe to commemorate him.

Yes, the Twins pitching was stout, what we'd expect, tonight, and even with stupid, evil Kevin Miller stealing a game-winning-RBI bid from Carlos Gomez in the 10th, Joe Crede finally came through and drove in Justin Morneau in the 11th.  The White Sux were idle today, so we're only a game back from them now.

What?  What's that you say?!  The Sox aren't leading the division, it's the Royals?

Not to worry.  I love the cute little guys, but don't worry about them.  Until we play them.  Then they just might beat'ya.  They can now.

Anyways, after a big extra-inning win, enjoy some highlight video.

And as Dan gladden would say, perhaps your favorite cold beverage