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Off Day: Team Activities

The Twins are off today for the first time in 2009, and though they're no doubt supposed to be en route to Boston for a two-game series starting tomorrow, the guys finally have some time to themselves.

After the jump, a look at what some of the Twins MIGHT be doing today.

Justin Morneau MIGHT be in St. Louis, massaging Roberto Luongo's feet.

Mike Redmond MIGHT be leading a horse to water AND making it drink, teaching old dogs new tricks, and other such impossibilities.

Nick Punto MIGHT be using his toothbrush to clean Gardy's truck.  (You know, old habits die hard.)

Phillip Humber MIGHT be designating an entire quart of ice cream for reassignment.

Glen Perkins MIGHT be wondering if the team could - maybe should - give him Scott Baker's first paycheck of the year.

Alexi Casilla MIGHT be thinking that three good months last year are not enough to buy unlimited rope this year.

Craig Breslow MIGHT be wondering what this "strike zone" he keeps hearing about is.

I'm sure you've got more...