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Is This What Happens When You Don't Play In A Dome?

HEY RAIN, [expletive deleted] YOU!   --Boston baseball fans

Sometimes, yes sometimes, things don't go as planned.

Scott Baker leaned on the rail of the dugout steps, glove in hand.  He watched the rain cascade down from an angry Boston sky, and for a moment wondered if he would have a distinct advantage over hitters in this kind of weather.

"Think we'll play tonight?" asked Brendan Harris, sitting cross-legged on the bench diong a sudoku.  "This rain is wicked harsh."

Baker blew another bubble in his grape big league chew, which was oh so delicious.  "Doesn't look like it.  And I shaved and everything."  He looked on as men in uniform moved across the field, covering it to protect the grass from the spring cloudburst.  The fans were leaving the stadium, and in a few minutes the only sound inside Fenway would be the rain impacting the tarp and empty seats.

Gardy, Redmond and Punto stood on the dugout steps a ways down from Baker, admiring their first rain-out of the season.  "This means we'll have to play two tomorrow boys," said Gardy, spitting sunflower seeds.

"SWEET!" grunted Redmond.  "I LOVE double-headers, BRING IT ON!!"  He head-butted Purno and knocked him out cold.

"Take it easy Red Dog," chastised Gardy, shoving Punto aside with his foot.  "We don't need anymore injuries around here.

Suddenly, the entire Red Sox team was pouring out of their dugout, covered in nothing but their cups and cleats, screaming and laughing.  Kevin Youkilis did a belly-flop and slid across the tarp.  Tim Wakefield caught rain in his hand, used telekinesis to form it into a ball, and made it dance.  David Ortiz swung his bat into the rain, hitting numerous raindrops over the right field fence.

"It's gonna be along night boys," Gardy begrudgingly admitted.  "Too bad there aren't anymore Office moments to keep Twinkie Town's readers busy tonight."

Scott Baker stared into the rain, as if daring it to last into tomorrow.  "Don't worry, Ron," he stated flatly.  "There's more to come on that front.  I'm sure of it."

The sky continue to open, and eventually, the only man left in Fenway was Scott Baker, who continued to watch the rain.  It masked his tears.