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Top 5 Things To Do During A Rain Delay

5.  Let the rain refill your cup of generic American light beer, then notice upon drinking it that it doesn't taste more watered down than it did before the downpour.

4.  Watch the kids caught in the rain having fun, not having a care in the world...while all the adults fight for space under awnings and umbrellas.

3.  Discuss what Joe Mauer would look like without sideburns.  Or with bigger sideburns.  Or with bushier sideburns.  You get the idea.

2.  Take bets on whether the drunk guy climbing the foul pole falls off due to lightning striking the pole...or just his own idiocy.

And the number one thing to do during a rain delay...

1.  Wait, tirelessly.  Without anything to do.  No matter how long the rain delay lasts, no matter how intense the downpour, wait.  Why?  Because you're a fan, dammit.  Also because the person who drove you has had one too many Heinekens, and really, you don't want anyone who drinks Heineken at a baseball game to be in charge of anything...much less getting you home.  Do you?