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Game 18: Twins @ Cleveland

Game Time: 6:05pm CDT
TV: FS-North,
Radio: Twins Radio Network
Know Your Enemy: Let's Go Tribe

Following a massive performance from Nick Blackburn in the opening salva of the season series against the Tribe last night, Kevin Slowey is next in line to try and keep what's been a juggernaut of a Cleveland offense in check.

Slowey's last start was his first good one, going a full seven innings and allowing just a two-run Torii Hunter blast in the second inning. His achilles heel is familiar, that blasted gopher ball; it's a hard tightrope to walk, since Slowey is a flyball pitcher. He's always going to get a lot of flyball outs, so the name of the game is throwing a good breaking ball and hoping if a ball clears the fence there's nobody on base.

Starting for the Indians is 33-year old Carl Pavano who, like Slowey, finally earned his first good start his last time out. His numbers are as bad as they are mainly due to getting absolutely shelled in his first start. The good news is that right-handers have handled him pretty well over the course of the whole 13 innings Pavano has pitched this season; the bad news is that the Twins' two best hitters aren't right-handed. We're still waiting to see what kind of Pavano we'll get this year--the serviceable one or the injury-prone ineffective one.

Carl Pavano

#44 / Pitcher / Cleveland Indians





Jan 08, 1976

Kevin Slowey

#59 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





May 04, 1984