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Oh, Bother

The Twins fought, scraped and clawed their way through 8 at Yankee stadium.  Francisco Liriano walked 6 Yankees in 6 innings yet somehow managed to only allow a single run.  Jesse Crain and Jose Mijares got themselves in a whole heap of trouble but managed to avoid a complete implosion.  The offense squandered several decent opportunities, but three home runs from the M&M boys and the Yankee's new bread box of a stadium got enough on the board.

Then the strangest of things happened.  The Twins got the game to Joe Nathan, and they did not win.  Nathan struggled with control of his own, and pitching on his fourth straight day, would finally allow a bases loaded, two out bloop single to Melky Cabrera to lose it for the Twins, 5-4.  I literally briefly popped my shoulder out of place by throwing my jacket across the room.

Disheartening for the Twins to lose on this way.  It was already an oddity for the Twins to be up after all that went the Yankees' way, including a bad hop inside the park home run around Denard Span that almost opened the floodgates for New York.  Even stranger was how the Twins managed to walk 10 hitters while Heath Bell was giving out extremely generous calls off the plate all night (Nathan worked Alex Rodriguez a full 6 inches inside once he realized he was getting the call).

All around, a very strange one with a stinker of an ending that I'd just as soon forget about quickly.  The good news is tomorrow's game is a noon start, so we won't have to wait long.


Note:  Matt Tolbert, hitting second again, was 0-5 and is now hitting .171.  When is Gardenhire going to stop being stubborn and take the easy out away from the middle of his best hitters, all 4 above .300?

Stars of the Game

The M&M boys.  2 dingers for Justin and 1 for Joe.

Duds of the Day

Matt Tolbert.  0-5, had a couple chances to add rund for the Twins, made a poor effort on a ball up the middle in the 9th that I thought should have been an out.

Joe Nathan.  3-run blown save in fourth straight day pitching.  Probably needs a rest.