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Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau Need Help

Holes in the lineup aren't exclusive to the bottom of the order.

I'm going to paint a picture, and I'll keep it brief.  Because it's not a pretty picture.  We need Bob Ross to come in and paint some happy little trees, or maybe a secret impact hitter that nobody knows about right down there in the corner, but until that happens this offense is in a world of hurt.

Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are doing what they do, and Jason Kubel is having a decent start to the year.  Even Denard Span is having a pretty good time in the leadoff role.  From there the offensive help declines precipitously and it shows.

Twins Batting








Casilla, Harris, Tolbert



Morneau, Mauer



Kubel, Morneau



Cuddyer, Kubel, Crede



Cuddyer, Crede



Young, Gomez



Morales, Redmond, Young




There should be concern over the above.  What should stand out are the lines for Minnesota's number two and eight hitters.  The problem here is that everyone who has been plugged in to hit behind Denard Span has failed on a miserable scale, while most of the guys who have succeeded at the number eight spot are either bottom-of-the-order guys or guys who are establishing a horrendous line in the two-hole.

Brendan Harris seems like the logical number two man, due to a hot start which has kept aloft his mediocre season line:  .289/.337/.408.  Since May 1 he's 5-for-32 with four walks.  He's succeeded at the bottom of the order this year.  Others who have hit well in the eight spot, like Delmon Young and Jose Morales, aren't likely candidates to start hitting at the top of the order.

It's good for offenses to spread out their weak points to a certain extent, but right now the Twins have too many holes to fill.  Certain guys needed to step up this season to keep the offense afloat, and so far this has been done through sheer luck and the contributions of a relative few.

What's logical?  To keep an easy out in between your leadoff man and two of the league's best hitters, or to re-evaluate how you fill out your lineup card?  One way or another something needs to be done about this offense, because right now they need a kick in the pants.

My crackpot idea?  Personally I'd slide Mauer up to second, Morneau to third, etc.  But that's not going to happen.  So, start hitting Michael Cuddyer second.  He's patient enough to work a walk from time to time, and while he's strikeout prone that's not such a bad trait when hitting second; it means fewer double plays when Span reaches first to kick off the game.  Span-Cuddyer-Mauer-Morneau-Kubel-Crede-Harris-Young-Punto.

Rant fin.