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Off Day Discussion Topic: Your Favorite Stats

The Twins are off today, meaning that we'll have to make our own fun this afternoon and evening.

With that in mind: let's go into Coffee Talk Mode! We ARE getting a bit verklempt...


So we'll give you a discussion topic, especially you number-lovers out there: what are your current favorite stats?  You're allowed to pick up to three, no more than one in each major category (fielding, batting, pitching).

Mine: on offense, it's OPS.  I was unsure about this until I saw how strongly correlated OPS is with runs scored, and when you combine that with its simplicity to calculate, I'm sold.  It is - dare I say - elegant.

For fielding, I'm enjoying the trend towards Ultimate Zone Rating, if only because it's a single number and it directly translates to runs. I can't claim to understand the mathematics.  Maybe somebody else wants to take a crack at explaining them.

On the mound, I'm yet to be convinced in any direction.  Fielding Independent Pitching, OPS Against, so on and so forth - anybody a convert one way or another?

(Baseball returns tomorrow.  For now: discuss!)