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Off Day Discussion Topic: Your First Game

I went to yesterday's Father's Day tilt against Houston with my dad, which got me thinking about my very first Twins game: July 16, 1987.  I was five years old, and though the Twins were unbeatable at home in 1987, they contrived to lose to Toronto that day, 5-2.

Here's what I remember from the game, without looking at the box score: Jimmy Key pitched for the Blue Jays, and Kirby Puckett had to DH - it was the first game back after the All-Star break, and he'd lost his glove on the way back - thus putting Mark Davidson in center field.  I seem to remember Davidson jumping lamely after a home run, not at all in the dynamic way that Puckett would go after homers, but this may be one of the tricks of my memory.

Anyway, the real story was that Steve Lombardozzi had an RBI double and an RBI triple - possibly the only time he ever did that in his career - and Kent Hrbek, my favorite player, had two hits, but otherwise Bert Blyleven got outdueled, giving up five runs over seven and two-thirds, including a Fred McGriff home run.

So: what do you remember about your first game?  Feel free to look up the box score, but it's almost as much fun to test what you remember against the facts.