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In '09, interleague play is good - but not as great - to Twins

The Twins went 12-6 in interleague play this year, taking five of six from Milwaukee and winning series with Pittsburgh, Chicago, and St. Louis - and dropping a series to Houston.  Only Tampa Bay (13-5) and Anaheim (14-4) won as many games as the Twins.

Pretty good - but not quite like previous years.  Heck, the Twins only picked up two games on first-place Detroit over the interleague portion of the schedule, and depending on the result of a makeup game between the Chicago teams, Minnesota may finish dead even with the White Sox this year.

It's not like 2008, when the Twins were a major-league best 14-4.  Or 2006, when they were a ridiculous 16-2 (though they picked up just one game on Detroit, which put a 15-3 hurting on the National League as well.)

All-time, the Twins are 132-96 (.578) in interleague play.  Only the Yankees (133-95) have a better record since interleague play was introduced in 1997.

If you'll cast your mind back to late 1997, you might remember that Milwaukee wasn't the owners' first choice to switch from the American League to the National League.  Kansas City was offered the first option, but declined.  The Brewers were the second choice - but the Twins (who were also in danger of moving to North Carolina that fall) were third choice.

Seeing how they've fared since against the Senior Circuit, it does kind of make you wonder.