The Johan Trade: Revisited

In a post about Joe Crede being Bill Smith's best deal with the Twins' organization, and I started to think Johan trade once again.

You know, I’m not too sure how to react to the deal quite yet..

We all knew Johan would be as much of an ace as ever, and he hasn’t failed to disappoint, seeing as we knew he had occasional gopherball troubles.

But what have we gotten?

For the first 2-3 months of 2008, Carlos Gomez alone made it seem like this was a great trade. From his opening day hustling against LAA to his cycle, “Go-Go” Gomez became a fan favorite. As soon as his bat cooled down and Denard Span’s heated up, things started to shift. It was Span, the kid brought up slowly in the organization, and not Gomez who was a Topps “All-Rookie Team” Outfielder choice, despite only half a season of work. All-in-all, Gomez has settled into a Michael Bourn-type, a speed demon with a mediocre OPS.

Humber has not been sensational whatsoever at the MLB level. He never showed good control over his pitches, and his ERA suffered from it.

Kevin Mulvey hasn’t been in a high level of the organization, but he is a top-flight pitching prospect. He’s back in AAA with signs of a possible late-season call up.

Deolis Guerra is still in high-A ball, but he does show promise for the future.

Jury’s out, ladies and gentlemen. Let the opinions fly.