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Monday Morning Coffee

News and notes to start your week, and if you're lucky keep you away from work for a few more minutes.

  • The Twins won't be going to three catchers anytime soon.  With certain guys knicked up and the manager not comfortable shorting the bullpen an arm, it looks like the Joe Mauer-Mike Redmond tandem is it for the time being.
  • Since the start of May, R.A. Dickey's numbers look like this:  23.2 IP, 18 hits, 16 strikeouts, 8 walks, 4 runs, 1.52 ERA.
  • Luis Ayala hasn't allowed an earned run since May 18.
  • Jesse Crain hasn't gone more than 2.1 innings without giving up at least one run since getting hammered for four runs on April 17.
  • Minnesota hasn't won two in a row on the road since April 24-25 in Cleveland.
  • Joe Christensen walks us through five prospects in baseball who will make an impact down the road, some sooner and some later.
  • Justin Morneau is doing some blogging, after losing a bet to LEN III.  He believes the Twins are a playoff-caliber team, and he's never read a blog before.  You're breaking my heart, Justin.  This one is a couple days old, but seeing his picture is worth it.
  • Nick Nelson takes a look around the AL Central.
  • Brett Farve had shoulder surgery.  Oh, wait...wrong site.  Go here.
  • Brendan Harris is riding a 12-game hitting streak; .348/.412/.533 in that stretch.
  • Nick Punto hasn't taken a head-first dive into first base all month.