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Draft Day Open Thread

Round 1 Archives
Pick 1: Washington Nationals, Stephen Strausburg, RHP
Pick 2: Seattle Mariners, Dustin Ackley, CF/1B
Pick 3: San Diego Padres, Donavan Tate, CF
Pick 4: Pittsburgh Pirates, Jorge Sanchez, C
Pick 5: Baltimore Orioles, Matthew Hobgood, RHP
Pick 6: San Francisco Giants, Zack Wheeler, RHP
Pick 7: Atlanta Braves, Mike Minor, LHP
Pick 8: Cincinnati Reds, Mike Leake, RHP
Pick 9: Detroit Tigers, Jacob Turner, RHP
Pick 10: Washington Nationals, Drew Storen, RHP
Pick 11: Colorado Rockies, Tyler Matzek, LHP
Pick 12: Kansas City Royals, Aaron Crow, RHP
Pick 13: Oakland Athletics, Grant Green, SS
Pick 14: Texas Rangers, Matt Purke, LHP
Pick 15: Cleveland Indians: Alex White, RHP
Pick 16: Arizona Diamondbacks: Bobby Borchering, 3B
Pick 17: Arizona Diamondbacks: A.J. Pollock, CF
Pick 18: Florida Marlins: Chad James, LHP
Pick 19: St. Louis Cardinals: Shelby Miller, RHP
Pick 20: Toronto Blue Jays: Chad Jenkins, RHP
Pick 21: Houston Astros, Jiovanni Mier, SS
Pick 22: Minnesota Twins, Kyle Gibson, RHP
Pick 23: Chicago White Sox, Jared Mitchell, CF
Pick 24: Los Angeles Angels, Randal Grichuk, RF
Pick 25: Los Angeles Angels, Mike Trout, CF
Pick 26: Milwaukee Brewers, Eric Arnett, RHP
Pick 27: Seattle Mariners, Nick Franklin, SS
Pick 28: Boston Red Sox, Reymond Fuentes, CF
Pick 29: New York Yankees, Zack Heathcott, CF
Pick 30: Tampa Bay Rays, LeVon Washington, 2B
Pick 31: Chicago Cubs, Brett Jackson, CF
Pick 32: Colorado Rockies, Tim Wheeler, CF

With the draft about to kick off, here's's revised Top 10 boad

Washington: Stephen Strausburg, RHP
Seattle: Dustin Ackley, 1B/OF
San Diego: Donovan Tate, OF
Pittsburgh: Tony Sanchez, C
Baltimore: Zack Wheeler, RHP
San Francisco: Tyler Matzek, LHP
Atlanta: Mike Minor, LHP
Cincinatti: Alex White, RHP
Detroit: Shelby Miller, RHP
Washington: Drew Storen, RHP

The 2009 amateur-entry draft kicks off tonight at 5pm central time. We'll have coverage tonight of the Twins top picks. In the mean time, feel free to kick around a little discussion.

There's been a lot of talk about Minnesota drafting a prep pitcher in the first round, something they haven't done since 2004 with Kyle Waldrop and Jay Rainville

20 Years of Twins 1st-Round Picks
2008: Aaron Hicks
2008: Carlos Gutierrez
2008: Shooter Hunt
2007: Ben Revere
2006: Chris Parmelee
2005: Matt Garza
2005: Henry Sanchez
2004: Trevor Plouffe
2004: Glen Perkins
2004: Kyle Waldrop
2004: Matt Fox
2004: Jay Rainville
2003: Matt Moses
2002: Denard Span
2001: Joe Mauer
2000: Adam Johnson
2000: Aaron Heilman
1999: B.J. Garbe
1998: Ryan Mills
1997: Michael Cuddyer
1997: Matt LeCroy
1996: Travis Lee
1995: Mark Redman
1994: Todd Walker
1994: Travis Miller
1993: Torii Hunter
1993: Jason Varitek
1993: Mark Barcelo
1993: Kelcey Mucker
1992: Dan Serafini
1991: David McCarty
1991: Scott Stahoviak
1990: Todd Ritchie
1990: Midre Cummings
1989: Chuck Knoblauch

Draft Trivia:

  • In the 17th round of the 2000 draft, the Twins drafted Paul Maholm. Maholm went to college, and three years later was drafted in the 8th round by the Pittsburgh Pirates. He's now one of their young, premier players, who's contract was likely a starting point for the long-term Scott Baker deal.
  • Another 17th round draft pick, J.J. Putz in 1998, went back to college for a year before being drafted in the sixth round the following season. He's a bit of a head case, but for a short period was one of the game's premier closers.
  • 1997 wasn't just a good draft for the Twins, producing a small handful of regulars for future seasons (including J.C. Romero and Michael Restovich), but it was also a draft of fate. Nick Punto was drafted in the 33rd round, but re-entered the draft. Adam Johnson was selected in the 25th round, only to re-surface three years later as the team's number one pick. Kevin Frederick was drafted in the 34th round of the 1998 draft by the Twins, but the season before they'd chosen him in the 17th round.
  • In the 33rd round of the '96 draft, the Twins selected Mike Lamb. Another one to return to the draft, he'd return 12 years later.
  • Minnesota actually selected Emil "Drop It Like It's Hot" Brown in the 37th round of the 1993 draft. In retrospect, the world rejoiced when he let the Athletics draft him in '94.
  • Twenty years ago, in addition to Knoblauch, the Twins also drafted Marty Cordova, Denny Neagle, Scott Erickson, Mike Trombley and Denny Hocking. They all played major roles with the team at some point in their careers, even Neagle: he and Midre Cummings were later traded for John Smiley.