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Francisco Liriano, in his own words

No Twin has struggled more mightily, or been more disappointing, than Francisco Liriano.  His 5.47 ERA is one of the worst in the major leagues, at least among pitchers who've continued to get starts. Fans are frustrated with the man who once earned the nickname "Franchise," and one would think that Liriano's frustrated as well.

So what does Liriano think is going wrong?  I combed back through the Star Tribune archives and pulled some of his quotes from game stories.  Here now, in his own words:

Prior to Opening Day: "I don't want to get too excited out there. I don't want to do too much and just try to do the best I can."
Apr 6 (L, SEA): "I think that was a good pitch.  He just put a good swing on it."
Apr 11 (L, CHW): "I got frustrated a little bit. But I was trying to make some good pitches and get ahead in the count."
Apr 22 (L, BOS): "Yeah it bothers me, but I've gotta think positive. There's still a long way to go."
May 20 (L, CHW): "I think I was getting too excited. We've got the lead, I'm trying to go back out and trying to do too much. I couldn't hit my spots at all. I was just missing."
May 30 (L, TBR): "I think I was making better pitches but things didn't turn out my way. I don't know, just ... I don't know, just ... I don't know what to think anymore."
June 17 (L, PIT): "I'm real frustrated because every time I miss one pitch, it just changes the whole game. I don't know what to do anymore. I think I've got to go out there and just pitch. That's all I can do."
June 28 (W, STL): "I don't miss that many pitches like before."
July 9 (L, NYY): "I think I get too excited to face the Yankees."

Well then.

All of this has given me an idea for a new product: the Francisco Liriano Excuse Generator! Take this handy-dandy little helper wherever you might run into trouble. 

Cop pulls you over for speeding? "I'm sorry, officer; I think I get too excited to drive on 394."  The big sale at work fell through? "I think I was making better sales, but things just didn't turn out my way." Forget your kid's soccer game? "I'm real frustrated because every time I miss one game, it just changes everything, and my kid won't talk to me."

Truly, this product may change your life.  (Patent pending.)