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How Do You Feel About Joe Mauer Participating in the Home Run Derby?

The eternal question: Is it worth it?

There's always a debate through fandom when one of your guys accepts The Invitation. One one side there's the possibility of a frivilous injury, or the belief that swinging for the fences will somehow put a hitch in someone's giddyup. On the other side there's...well, not those things. Just the Home Run Derby. Also some respect, a spectacle and maybe a trophy.

The biggest debate is over ruining a guy's swing. For Twins fans, the two sides of the coin can be represented by Tom Brunansky and Justin Morneau.

In 1985, Brunansky was an All-Star, participating in the Home Run Derby after hitting .265/.359/.508 in the first half, with 20 home runs. Brunansky belted four homers, in the Dome, but lost the contest to Dave Parker who managed six. Over the last half of the season Brunansky would flounder, finishing with a disappointing line of .242/.320/.448. Was his second half the result of a swing that'd been ruined by the Derby, or was it simply Bruno returning to his career averages?

On the other side of the argument is Morneau, who won last year's Derby. His .903 pre-break OPS was great, and he still finished the season with a strong line of .301/.375/.501.

How do you feel about Joe Mauer's participating in this year's spectacle?