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Please welcome our newest writer: Stu

I couldn't be much more thrilled for this announcement: we're bringing aboard a new Senior Writer to the Twinkie Town staff.  Allow me to be the first to introduce, to some of you at least, our newest scribe: Stu.

His posts will appear under the byline "RandBall's Stu," which I suppose is to distinguish himself from other famous Stus.  Former Red Wings forward Stu Grimson comes to mind.  Also former Gophers winger Stu Senden.

That's about all the Stus I can think of, actually.  But the moniker is nevertheless an apt one, as the first I learned of Stu's writing came on RandBall, the blog of Star Tribune writer Michael Rand. Over the past few months and years, he has presented several regular features, including the "Hunt Down," in which he tracks down former Minnesota sports figures using only his bare hands and the Internet, and another in the same vein called "They Were Who We Thought They Were - Or Were They?", helpfully abbreviated TWWWTTWOWT.

It was there that I learned that Stu was one of the single funniest writers in these here parts, and I couldn't be happier that he's consented to join us.  You can expect the absurd and the delightful from Stu, though perhaps not so much of the statistical analysis that other Twinkie Town writers are so good at.

To quote one of the greatest Twins writers, ever: Less stats, more sass.

Stu will be sliding into the Friday role, and I sincerely hope you'll go out of your way to begin your weekend with his writing.  I suspect you will not be disappointed.  His first post will be up later this afternoon, so please, give a great welcome to the man, the myth: Stu!