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Twins 5, Rangers 3

Notes and observations from a victorious Friday evening:

  • If you don't count the first or fifth inning, Glen Perkins' outing was highly effective.  Unfortunately, the system we're stuck with (thanks a lot, Doubleday!) counts all innings equally, and Perkins struggled mightily to get out of those innings alive.  He gets the win*, but it comes with Francisco Liriano's trademarked asterisk for throwing 100+ pitches in only five innings of work.
  • The Rangers stole bases on Joe Mauer with impunity.  BRING BACK MORALES.
  • The game has been over for 20 minutes, and the Twins just hit into another double play.
  • Nick Punto's appearance as a defensive replacement in the 9th inning was brought to you by Getting After It, the new body wash/shower gel for the gritty, undersized man in your life.  Getting After It: Go Out There and Compete!
  • Joe Crede is better at fielding his position than Tony Batista.
  • Ranger reliever Dennis O'Day's song Undercover Angel was a Billboard #1 hit on this day in 1977.  A remarkable feat any way y--I'm sorry, the singer's name was Alan O'Day.  I regret the error.
  • Another day, another 3-run bomb for Jason Kubel.
  • Another day, another comical strikeout by Michael Cuddyer.  
  • Did you guys know that Wisconsin Dells has water parks?
  • Carlos Gomez is keeping hope alive.  
  • My Player of the Game: Bobby freaking Keppel.  Were this May, that would have been Luis Ayala or Jesse Crain out there, and my first Twinkie Town recap would be about an 8-5 Rangers win.  Hats off to you, Bobby.

I hope you enjoyed my nonsense today.  Thanks to Jesse and Jon for inviting me to the party.  Have a good weekend, everybody.  RIP Walter Cronkite.