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The clock strikes midnight, Oakland leads 14-13 after 7

Justin Morneau hit a grand slam and a three-run homer, Jason Kubel also hit a three-run dinger, and Michael Cuddyer added a solo shot to give Minnesota a 12-2 lead after three innings.

Oakland, the worst-hitting team in the AL, proceeded to come back and torch the entire Twins pitching staff, starting with Nick Blackburn (5 IP, 7 ER, 13 hits) and continuing through the bullpen.

I began this post at midnight Central time, on the dot; since that moment, Matt Holliday hit a grand slam to tie the game, and Jack Cust hit a solo home run to take the lead.

And so: this game has been going three hours and the seventh inning just ended.  Morneau is one short of the team record for RBIs in a game and he's not even the star of the night; that'd be Holliday, who at this point is 4-5 with two doubles, two homers, and six runs batted in.

I'm speechless, and also too exhausted to keep watching.  See you in the morning.