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Poll / Discussion Topic: You in, or you out?

There's only one discussion topic that makes any kind of sense today - you in, or are you out? Selling or buying? Bullish or bearish?

The Twins are 49-50 this morning, but within a series sweep of both Detroit and Chicago. They've not been able to get more than 3-4 games above .500, but conversely, they've not fallen more than 3-4 games under that mark, either. And they have ten more games with the Tigers and nine more (starting tonight) with the White Sox.

They've got two hitters having absolutely extraordinary seasons, and you hate to waste performances like those. Conversely, though, you wonder if they don't have too many holes to plug. They're an unmitigated disaster at second base; the team's production at that position (.186 with a .506 OPS) is worse than every position at every team in the American League, save for the Royals' awful shortstops, and the Twins' defense at that position hasn't been very good either. Come to mention shortstop, Minnesota could use some help there, too. And they need one, maybe two more bullpen arms, and possibly another starter or even two.

To plug all of those holes will be expensive - not only in terms of salary, likely, but also in terms of prospects given up. Twins fans have been justifiably proud of some of the minor-league talent they've pried from other teams in the past few years; they could well be on the other end of the stick, trade-wise, if they give up too much to attempt to make a run.

Despite their protestations, they're a solidly average team, hovering right around .500. They need help to contend - but can they get enough help to actually make a run, and will the risk be worth what they'd have to give up?

And so we come to our question. Every time I post a poll, there's always at least a few comments popping up from people who refuse to choose for one reason or another. I don't see how that's possible this time around; either you think it's time to try to make a run, or you think it's best to wait for another year.

Are you in, or are you out?