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Twins Trade Rumors: Mike Wuertz, Orlando Cabrera, Matt Capps

I advise swinging over to LEN III's blog to check out his latest.  But here's a summary.

  • The cost of Freddy Sanchez would have been Aaron Hicks or Daniel Valencia.  Am I glad this didn't happen?  Yes I am.
  • Michael Wuertz is not on the block.
  • LEN III doesn't like Orlando Cabrera as an upgrade.  High-5, La Velle!
  • Twins would have to out-bid a lot of teams if they're really up on Jarrod Washburn
  • Matt Capps isn't on the block either.  The Pirates like him as a future closer.
  • Still waiting on Roy Halladay, to get to Marco Scutaro.

That's all for now!  It's been pretty quiet today...