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Reassessment: What Is the Twins Biggest Need?

With less than 24 hours to the trade deadline, it's a good time to see if you think the organization's priorities have changed.

Last week we asked this same question, with middle infield taking 45 percent of the vote. Bullpen followed with 30, rotation 18 and bench depth just four percent.

Middle Infield - Still no moves outside of Mark Grudzielanek, although both Orlando Cabrera and Marco Scutaro have been tied to the Twins.

Bullpen - Joe Nathan, Jose Mijares and Matt Guerrier and fine, and Jesse Crain has been better his last couple times out. Bobby Keppel has been a bit more vulnerable and R.A. Dickey's fastball is simply R.A. Dickey's fastball. Is this still one of Minnesota's biggest red flags?

Rotation - Kevin Slowey is down for the season, but Anthony Swarzak has been reliable in his absence so far. Scott Baker's season is starting to come under control, and outside of his last couple of starts Nick Blackburn has been a god-send. But if you can get a starter, whether it's just a reliable innings eater with whom you know what you're getting, or something a bit better, is this the move you make?

Bench Depth - When all of your middle infielders are hitting around the Mendoza line, you can't hide them on the bench. They have to start, and they hurt your offensive production. Even if it's just a hitter you can keep on the bench to step in and take a couple of plate appearances a week away from these guys later in the game, it'd be an asset this team doesn't have and one this team could use.