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Twins Rumors: Freddy Sanchez and Miguel Angel Sano

Hope you all broke out a few fireworks last night.  My question is this:  when a country turns 233, does it still get a hangover from the night before?  Or does it go to sleep when the sun goes down so it can wake up at 5 am, watch some Matlock, have dinner at 3pm and start it all over again?

Recent comments from Twins General Manager Bill Smith have indicated that the organization is looking into ways to improve the club, although with the way this team is positioned you probably didn't need a quote from the front office to sanction that understanding.  As fortune would have it, organizational and MLB need are the same:  middle infield.

On Thursday, Cmathewson examined some options for improving second base at the major league level.  Right now, at least around Twinkie Town, Pittsburgh's Freddy Sanchez has been the popular choice.  Here's the most recent news surrounding that front:

  • Early on Friday morning, FOX Sports reported that the Twins were interested in a trio of Pirates, including Sanchez.  All information coming through "sources", it was also said that "the Pirates are talking to everyone."
  • Shortly thereafter, Dejan Kovajevic updated his Twitter status to read:  Pirates, Twins not discussing Sanchez.  Not exactly a bount of information, but as a beat reporter for Pittsburgh, likely accurate.
  • The Giants sound like they're very interested in Sanchez as well, according to Kovajevic's latest update, this time not via Twitter.  When we discussed Sanchez here a couple of weeks ago, it was noted that the Giants' offensive production at second base was better only than the production garnered by the Twins.  Both Minnesota and San Francisco have a big hole to fill.

If the Twins are in on Sanchez, it sounds like the Giants would be their biggest competition at the point.  Whichever team lines up best with Pittsburgh (see:  has the most to offer) would have to be the favorite to win any bidding war.  In want of a left-handed bullpen arm and a shortstop, the Twins could likely base an offer around Alexi Casilla, an MLB-ready starter like Anthony Swarzak, and then a southpaw like Brian Duensing (probably not very attractive at this point),  Ryan Mullins or Jose Lugo (still projectible, at double-A).

In regards to Dominican prospect Miguel Angel Sano, who age-verification is still pending, it sounds like the Twins were one of two known teams to make an offer.  Minnesota's was just $3 million.  Last night, ESPN's Jorge Arangure posted a couple of Twitter updates regarding the situation.  One says that it's a "two-team race" for Sano, between the Pirates and the Baltimore Orioles, with the Twins dropping off to a distant third place.  The other update talks about the international players the Twins have already signed (Kepler, Polanco and someone from Venezuela, who I haven't heard of yet), and says that Minnesota doesn't have unlimited funds.

Of course.

I have no reason to doubt Arangure's report, but I have to believe that once the whole 16-for-not story comes to a conclusion that the situation will change.  Other teams will jump on board if he's proven to be as old as he says he is, while if it goes the other way it's all for nothing anyway.  We should know soon.

Game time in a few hours...