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Twins Done In by the Computer

Sometimes, the computer says "no".  It said "no" all series.

On almost every sports video game ever made, from time to time there comes a game where you basically get screwed.  No matter how good or skilled you are, everything goes wrong.  Nothing you hit gets out of the infield, you're best shooter won't sink free throws and, in the ultimate example, your players don't do what they're supposed to do.

The best football game ever made is Tecmo Super Bowl for the SNES.  It came out in 1993, and as far as I'm concerned none of its successors, and no Madden game, has ever been better.  More realistic?  Better gameplay?  Better graphics?  Of course.  But more fun?  Not to me.

Once a season, the computer would seem to choose a "screw the user" game.  I didn't always lose this game, but usually I did.  Here are some of the most common ways that the computer would "help" you to lose the game

  1. Every other play, the computer defense would choose the same play as the user.  This means the entire defense blitzes, obliterates every player on the offense (linemen, running backs, receivers) and then gang "tackles" your quarterback.  Play over.
  2. On pass plays, no receiver is ever open.
  3. When a receiver is open, and you magically have time to select him and press the "pass" button, your quarterback will either A) throw the ball out of bounds, or B) throw it to a defender who is nowhere near your receiver for an interception.
  4. As the user on defense, when picking the same play as the computer the computer magically gains yards.  Passes are completed, backup running backs get first downs.  Keep in mind that when you select the same play as the offense, your defense becomes super human.  And your super human defense doesn't get it done.
  5. Sometimes your defense doesn't move at all, after the snap.
  6. When kicking for extra points or field goals, the accuracy arrow moves at least 20 times faster than it does in other games.

That's the way this series felt, watching the Twins flounder against the Yankees.  Good pitches turned into foul balls, weakly-hit balls found outfield grass, and whenever the Bombers chose to NOT swing the bat, Twins pitchers chose to NOT throw the ball in the strike zone.  Flip the coin, and line drives were caught, borderline calls were called strikes and when it was time for the home team to have a chance at the lead (or tie), they couldn't get it done.  Why?

Because the computer cheats.

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Stars of the Game
#3:  Jason Kubel  (1-for-3, HR, BB, RBI, R, .047 WPA)
#2:  Jose Mijares  (1.1 IP, 1 K, 1 BB, 0 R, .042 WPA)
#1:  R.A. Dickey  (2 IP, 1 H, 3 K, 0 R, .092 WPA)