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Who Am I? (Second-Place Edition)

After inexplicably dropping two of three to the Royals, there's a fair amount of pessimism running through Twins Territory as we head into the weekend.  So we'll play with the "close but no cigar" theme today, with all of your clues coming from Twins players who played on a Minnesota squad that finished second at least once.

Who Am I?  (Answer:  Quentin McCracken)

  • I was originally drafted by the Rockies
  • My career year came the season after I left the Twins, when I talled a 107 OPS+
  • I picked up MLB plate appearances for six franchises
  • Just to make it easy on you:  I only played for the Twins one season

Who Am I?  (Answer:  Bernie Allen '62, Rod Carew '67)

  • You only get one hint for me:  the Twins finished in second place my rookie season.  I was a second baseman.

Who Am I?  (Answer:  Dean Chance)

  • I won 20 games twice, once for the Twins
  • By the numbers I might actually have been a better pitcher the year after I won 20
  • You've heard of me, if you're at all familiar with Twins history

Who Am I?  (Answer:  Chris Speier)

  • I was the oldest player on a second-place Twins club during the season in question
  • Once upon a time, I was a first-round draft pick by the Giants