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Will the Twins Sign Kyle Gibson?

Deadline:  11pm

If the Twins don't negotiate the gap between their offer of around $1.3 million and Gibson's request of around $2.5 million, then Minnesota's 2009 first-round draft pick will go back to college for his senior year at Missouri.  At 21, Gibson was considered a top-talent pitcher in the draft before suffering a stress fracture in his throwing arm.

The last time the Twins didn't sign their first-round draft pick, back in 1996 with Travis Lee, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  Lee had an undistinguished career, compiling just a .745 OPS for his nine years in the league.  But that doesn't mean the Twins are taking this situation lightly.

It sounds like the organization is going for the personal touch, sending a scouting supervisor to Gibson in Indiana.  Check out Joe Christensen's details at the Strib.

Can they do it?  They aren't the only team racing the deadline, but with so many teams signing players for over-slot money, will the Twins dish out the necessary money for a shot at high talent?  Stay tuned...