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Twins OPS Rankings, By Position

Just a quick peak to see how we stack up versus the rest of the league.

C .958 1st
1B .903 7th
2B .521 30th
3B .708 22nd (t)
SS .649 22nd
LF .777 16th (t)
CF .708 23rd
RF .867 6th
DH .861 3rd (*)
All .772 8th

(*) Denotes AL only

Not a lot of surprises here.  Overall the Twins are one of baseball's best offenses, and it's due in large part to (shocker) the performances they're getting from catcher, first base, right field and designated hitter.  What is surprising (until you consider how much time Joe Crede has missed) is how low Minnesota ranks at third base.  Finally, while Span's OBP has been brilliant, he's also been spread around the outfield.

We'll see you for the final game of the Rangers series tonight.  Three in a row!