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The 2010 Rotation

Take the kids to the cellar, Ma.  Looks like Blackburn's starting tonight.
Take the kids to the cellar, Ma. Looks like Blackburn's starting tonight.

Mathematically, it's too early to talk about 2010.  Lots of divisional games left, the MVP behind the plate, Joe Nathan, LNP hitting .211 (!), etc.  But really, COME ON.  Every game starts with the Twins down 4-0 and Bobby Keppel warming up.  This type of thing doesn't turn around in one month and change.  It just doesn't.  So, it's with a heavy heart that I officially pronounce "waiting 'til next year" a viable lifestyle choice for Twins fans.  If you choose to hold on to hope, that's your call, and we'll welcome you with open arms after the next Nick Blackburn start.

(DID YOU KNOW?  Blackburn's starts are no longer being measured via ERA, pitch count, or FIP, but rather the Fujita Scale of tornado intensity.  As for why, please check the italicized portions of the F-4 classification: "...structures with weak foundations blown off some distance; cars thrown and large missiles generated.")

So, with that in mind, what do you do about the rotation?  I put it to you because I have no idea.  I have Scott Baker and four other slots.  At best, you hope Kevin Slowey recovers and Nick Blackburn remembers how to pitch to fill two of those holes.  I've personally seen enough of Glen Perkins and The Franchise; perhaps you haven't.   Carl Pavano?  You tell me.  The Anthony Swarzak Experiment needs to go back to the lab for further retooling.  Duensing?  Manship?  Humber? Kyle Gibson?  Again: I have no idea.  Do you?

Put your starting five and your reasoning in the comments.  It's Friday afternoon, what else are you going to do?