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Target Field Sod: Kentucky Bluegrass

"I think the grass is important because we have concrete, steel and glass here already in the structure, but the grass is alive. And it kind of makes the ballpark come alive."  Jerry Bell, President of Twins Sports Inc


This is the grass that is being transported to Target Field, from Graff's Turf Farms in Colorado.  After the jump, learn a little more about the grass and its installation.
  • Graff's Farm's website.  Check it out.
  • The turf being laid in Target Field is labelled GTF Kentucky Bluegrass Blend
  • KBB (as we'll call it) is known for fast recovery from wear and tear, excellent winter hardiness and summer performance, and early greening in the spring
  • Sandy soil used will help the field drain quickly during and after rains
  • Twins fans have made the trek to Graff's Farms to see the sod, growing in an old riverbed
  • Graff's has provided services for a number of fields throughout the sports world, including Coors Field, Busch Stadium, Kauffman Field, Wrigley Field, Dick's Sporting Goods Park (soccer), Notre Dame Stadium (football) and Infinity Park (Rugby), just to name a few
  • The sod must be installed in Target Field within 24 hours of being harvested
  • Each section of turf is 400 square feet, weighing 1.25 tons
  • Four trucks made the haul from Graff's Farms to Target Field on Monday night; six will arrive tonight, six will arrive Wednesday night, and four more will arrive Thursday night to complete the turf move
  • 10 inches below the playing surface, a heating system can be activated to thaw the ground in early spring or late fall
  • A drainage system will allow up to 20 inches of water per hour to pour from the field