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Joe Crede Out Indefinitely?

It sounds like it.

With what's been described as "post-operative changes", there is no return date for Joe Crede.  He missed his fifth consecutive game on Tuesday night, when he had an MRI on his back which revealed those findings.

Additional details can be found at LEN III's blog at the Strib, but for now the situation isn't shaking out too well for the Twins or Crede.  Without a return date or knowing exactly how his back can be treated, there's no decision to be made in regards to roster space.  It's likely that Daniel Valencia would be called upon to replace Crede if/when he's placed on the disabled list, but with rosters expanding in five days anyway I'd be surprised if the team made that decision while they're still waiting on diagnosis and treatment.

Brendan Harris will continue to benefit for now, as he's started each of the last five games at third base.