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If It's Friday, It Must Be Roster Move Day

Both the Carl Pavano and Orlando Cabrera acquisitions took place on Friday, known by many some my Mom as RandBall's Stu's day to man the Good Ship Twinkietown.  If the buzzing rumor mill is any indication, this Friday could very well be another one of those days.  The indefatigable Jesse has already discussed the Brad Penny option.  There's also been talk of the Twins picking up Royals reliever Ron Mahay.  However, the one that makes you sit up and take notice is the speculation, as reported here by the WWL, that the Twins have put a claim in on the Cubs' Rich Harden.

Let's get the deflation out of the way first: Joe C. doesn't think acquiring Harden is likely, saying the Cubs will want something of value in return and that Penny is much more likely to end up in the Twins' "throw it against the wall, see what sticks" rotation.  He is more plugged in than I am, so let's take him at his word.

Now, ignoring that bit of sound reasoning by a person with actual knowledge of the situation, let's speculate wildly: who do the Twins have to give up to get him?  He's likely going to be a Type A free agent, so it probably won't suffice to give them Delmon Young and Philip Humber.  There's no harm in trying: they're the Cubs, after all, and they never, ever do anything right. Maybe they'll fall for it.  But I doubt it. 

So, just who and how much would you give up for him?  Is Danny Valencia untouchable?  Kevin Slowey?  A couple of the mid to lower-level prospects (Revere, Slama, Hicks)? 

If anything happens in the real world, look here for updates, as always.  Until then, discuss.