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Saturday Morning Breakfast & Baseball: Adios Yohan Pino, Joe Crede to the DL, Jose Morales Recalled, Armando Gabino to Rochester

Twins send Yohan Pino to Indians, completing swap for Carl Pavano.

Usually, "PTBNL" translates to "rubbish".  In this case Cleveland actually managed to pry a player of use from a deal that basically translated to a salary dump.

Pino, an undrafted right-hander from Venezuela, was on his first stint at triple-A at age 25.  He started six games for the Red Wings, the first time he was exclusively starting since his rookie-league season with Elizabethton in 2005.  In spite of posting very solid numbers (1.11 WHIP, 8.0 K/9, 3.86 ERA), he managed just a 1-2 record.  Of course that has less to do with his performance than other factors.  His FIP was an impressive 3.39.

In spite of being a bit of a fly-ball pitcher, Pino's done a solid job of avoiding the gopher ball, and in general has been outstanding with the opposition posting a meager .235 BABIP.

Brad Weiss at Twin Cities Dugout did an excellent scouting report on Pino back in March.  The highlights:

  • Mid to upper-80's fastball
  • Great breaking stuff, his strikeout pitch(es)
  • Breaking ball(s) and off-speed pitch make the fastball better
  • He's worked every role from starter to closer, and has succeeded with them all
  • In spite of not having that sexy fastball, he can be a strong contributor with a good arm, and he can ring up some strikeouts

Joe Crede hits the DL, Jose Morales called up

Retroactive to August 22, the Twins have finally placed the oft-bruised and battered Crede on the disabled list.  According to this report from Kelly Theiser, it would have been another few days before he would have been loose/healthy/alive enough to play, and with Crede about to get his second epidural it was decided he needed the extra rest and the Twins needed the extra bat.

Morales' return means he'll be with the Twins for the first time since mid-July.  He'd been hitting .329/.409/.425 in Rochester, and improves the Minnesota bench immediately.

One final move...

Armando Gabino has been optioned to Rochester to make room on the roster for Ron Mahay.  Both Mahay and Rauch are expected to join the Twins tonight, and Gabino's stay lasted six days and one start.  We'll likely see him again, but I doubt it will be in 2009.