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Off Day Discussion: Your Personal Record in 2009

I attended Friday night's game - an 11-5 loss in 11 innings, if you forgot, and I suspect you did not.  It was my fourth game of the year, and I'm sorry to admit this, but I'm 0-4 this year.  Two of the four were losses in 11 innings, with both being blowouts in the 11th (10-7 was the other score).  Another one saw the team blow a three-run lead... and in the fourth, the Twins got two hits in the entire game.

And this, for a team that's 31-23 in the Metrodome this year; they're playing .620 baseball when I'm not in attendance, which would be good enough for a 50-31 record over the entire season, if I'd just never darkened the Dome's doorstep.

Obviously, it can't be just me, but I can't help feeling like I'm supremely bad luck, somehow.  All of which brings up today's discussion topic: how are you, personally, doing this year?  (If there's anyone out there who's 10-0, or something similarly ridiculous, please speak up.  We may be able to start up some kind of donation drive to get you to the remaining 27 home games.)