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Twins Weekend Notes: Rich Harden, Brad Penny, September Callups

Another weekend come and gone, and another series victory for the Twins.  Let's hit some weekend highlights.

  • The Twins picked up Ron Mahay.
  • The Twins picked up Jon Rauch.
  • Joe Crede has finally hit the disabled list.
  • Yohan Pino was shipped to Cleveland to complete the Carl Pavano deal.
  • The Twins claimed Rich Harden.  Lots of interesting stuff on that front over the weekend.  Joe Christensen believes the Twins could pull something off without negotiating an extension, although "two people close to Harden" think a deal with Minnesota isn't likely.  By now you probably know that Harden would be a type-A free agent after the season, has a string of arm injuries under his relatively young belt, and has pitched like a gang buster (whatever that means) since the All-Star Break.
  • In the same report, it sounds like Christensen essentially believes the Twins will exhaust options on the Harden front before committing money to Brad PennyWe've talked about that, too.  Whatever happens, we should have a lot more answers by this time tomorrow night.
  • Tyler Mason at says that Gardenhire's list of September callups will include Brian Buscher, Matt Tolbert and Anthony Swarzak.  It also sounds like Gardy would like to see somebody called...let me check the name...Daniel Valencia?
  • John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus believes the Twins will be using both Francisco Liriano and Glen Perkins out of the 'pen when they return, which should bolster that side of the pitching staff even more than it already has been.  It would of course mean a spot could be found in the rotation for a Harden or a Penny.
  • Patrick Reusse somehow believes that the Twins had veterans they could have traded in order to bring in some minor league talent, but that their .500 record in a sub-par division has robbed them of that luxury.  I don't know who those veterans could have been this year, unless you want to count R.A. Dickey, Sean Henn, Luis Ayala or...really, I don't know.  Mike Redmod?  Michael Cuddyer?  Dynomite idea.  The Twins have made a series of moves that have improved this year's club without mortgaging anything of definite value in the future.  I'm not sure what the problem is here.

See you tomorrow!