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Twins Waiver Deadline Open Thread

8:32 am -- Nothing deadline specific, but here's some fresh morning breakfast links...

  • Good ol' Charley Walters thinks that Delmon Young's recent success at the plate will make him easier to trade this winter, and says the Twins haven't approached Mike Redmond about returning next season.  So, non-news.  How does non-news get printed?  And why do I insist on talking about non-news?
  • More rubbish:  Sid Hartman says the Twins won't extend their impending free agents during the season.  Sigh.  Although this is related to both of these bullet points:  Redmond wants to stay in Minnesota.
  • The Twins have picked up Bert Blyleven's option for 2010.  In the broadcast booth, of course.
  • I'm just impatient.  I want Rich Harden, as long as he gets an extension.  It's a waste of talent otherwise.

7:38 am -- Deadline is in just over four hours, although last minute deals will probably be allowed to go through.  Here's just a few updates since last night.