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On the One Hand

On the one hand, the Twins are what they are.  That is, a .500 team.

On the other hand, the Tigers were just swept by Kansas City.

On the one hand, 5.5 games is a lot of ground to make up in three weeks.

On the other hand, the next nine games are at home against Oakland, Cleveland and Detroit.  That is, two AAA lineups and the team they're trailing.

On the one hand, if they somehow make the postseason, the Twins will deservedly be an afterthought.

On the other hand, the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals were also an afterthought.

On the one hand, Joe Mauer is the American League MVP for anyone with eyes to see.

On the other hand, if the Twins crap out for good this homestand, prepare to welcome your 2009 American League MVP, Derek Jeter.

On the one hand, this might happen even if the Twins roll off 22 in a row, because, if Will Leitch is to be believed, New York sportswriters really want to give Jeter his lifetime achievement award this year.

On the other hand, there is no other hand.  Seriously, [redacted] the New York media in the ear.

Detail your hopes and dreams for the rest of the season, or predict just when and how it all comes crashing down, in the comments.  Or talk about the Vikings.  Really, do what you want, I'm not your mother.