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Athletics 12, Twins 5

Still feeling optimistic?

Nick Blackburn's evil twin, Black Nickburn, resurfaced on Friday night, getting shelled for six earned runs in three innings pitched as the light-hitting Athletics blasted the Twins, 12-5.  Doogie Wolfson notes via the Twitter machine that Nickburn is 1-7 with a 7.85 ERA in his last 11 starts, surrendering 85 hits, of which 29 went for extra bases and 13 were home runs.

Oakland wasn't done, scoring off Bobby Keppel and taking newcomers Ron Mahay and Armando Gabino deep as well.  The Athletics, with a league-low 114 HRs entering the game, went yard five times overall. 

I did manage to find three things to be positive about:

1. The Tigers lost!  The Tigers lost!  Sabermetrics has conclusively proven that you do not lose ground to a team if you both lose on the same day.  It's science, people.  Look it up.

2. Denard Span hit a leadoff home run for the Twins, his second HR in as many games. 

3. Francisco Liriano returned and didn't suck.  2 shutout innings, 35 pitches, 23 strikes, 4 strikeouts.

Early start on Saturday, friends.  Enjoy your weekend.