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Reality Check

Having been gutted for the first 30 minutes following the game, I'm feeling a bit better.  How are you?

I did what was necessary.  I ran out into the street, fell to my knees in the pouring rain and tore the clothes from my body.  WHY JOE MAUER, WHY DID YOU NOT SAVE US?!?  I cried a little.  Then I had a sandwich.

I hope White Sox fans realize exactly how lucky they were today.  Because I more than understand exactly how UNlucky we were.  Blanked for eight innings, seven by Brian Duensing (that's right, Brian friggin' Duensing), THEN they manage to come back with two outs and two strikes with a pair of solo home runs?

It did make for great baseball.  Not for us, but for baseball.  Okay, and for Chicago.

But you know what?  I don't care how crap the AL Central is made out to be, the Twins still have a shot at the playoffs.  That's always the goal, no matter what point of the season you're at; until you're mathematically eliminated, you're playing for October.  Is the win-loss record disappointing?  Absolutely, but that doesn't change a thing.  We're still in it.

That is all.