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Sunday Morning Breakfast & Baseball: Carl Pavano, Glen Perkins, Don Kelly, Vikings/Twins Schedule Conflict

Just a few notes on your favorite baseball team this morning, before Twins and Vikings games take you away to more social activities...

Carl Pavano's Splits W-L GS IP H/9 K/9 BB/9 HR/9 ERA
Since Coming to the Twins 3-3 9 57.1 9.73 6.75 1.88 0.63 3.61
Since August 23 2-2 6 39.1 10.30 6.41 1.37 0.46 2.97
VS Detroit Tigers in 0009 4-0 5 37.1 8.20 5.30 0.24 0.00 1.69


  • If the Twins do manage to come back to take this division title away from the Tigers, there's no doubt that Carl Pavano will be regarded as one of the better, more key acquisitions that Bill Smith and the front office picked up down the stretch.
  • LEN III updated us on Glen Perkins last night, who apparently is off to see "noted specialist Dr. Lewis Yocum" for the second time this year.  Just the latest chapter in an ongoing saga of a guy who wants to blame the Twins for his decision to not tell them about his own pain and discomfort.  This still strikes me as a sad situation for both Perkins and the Twins.
  • Don Kelly had this to say about his critical blunder in the seventh inning yesterday afternoon:  "Once it went through the lights, I lost it.  There's really nothing else you can do. I mean, it's not like I took my eye off of if. People were saying they've seen many, many balls lost here. It's not the first. It's not going to be the last."  Well Don, actually, it might be the last.  There aren't that many games left, and contrary to popular belief not many guys actually biff it like you did, lights or not.  So that should help you sleep better.
  • Finally, by now most of you have heard about the potential scheduling conflict between the Vikings and the Twins if Minnesota should finish the season in a dead heat with the Tigers.  In spite of the fact that the lease on the Dome stipulates that a Vikings game will take precedent over any baseball event bar the World Series, MLB's senior VP for scheduling and club relations Katy Fenney insists the Twins game would take priority.  Somehow that seems a little presumptious to me, not just because of the Vikings' legal right to play their game, but also because it's a Monday Night Football game that will be getting national coverage.  An unplanned event like game 163 would have to work around a set schedule, it just seems like common sense to me.  If the baseball gods want a Detroit v Minnesota nation-wide showdown, they'll probably be better served moving the game to Tuesday instead of trying to force the Vikings and the NFL out of their slot.