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Sunday Morning Breakfast & Baseball: Glen Perkins' Grievance, September Callups, Garrett Jones

A few tidbits as we head into day two of a three-day weekend...

  • In spite of the arm injury, which granted wasn't his fault, and in spite of his curious timing of medical requests, Glen Perkins (according to "people familiar with the situation") is actually considering filing a grievance with the players' union.  On pace to qualify as a Super 2 in service time, if he's shut down for the rest of the season he'll have to wait for arbitration after 2010 instead of this season.  It's the difference of a couple million dollars for next year, but provided he stayed healthy he'd be on track to cash in for a major payday in free agency that much sooner as well.  Maybe if Glen were a bit more straight-forward in regards to how his arm feels, and maybe if he didn't request second opinions at inopportune and questionable times, then it's likely this wouldn't be an issue right now.  Or at least there wouldn't be as much tension between between him and the Twins.
  • Another callup is on his way:  Justin Huber should be ready to play by Tuesday when the Twins head to Canada to take on the Blue Jays.  We'll meet him later, but here are the essentials:  he's 27 (in his age-26 season) hitting .271/.350/.483 in 435 at-bats for the Red Wings this season, with 22 homers, 22 doubles, 84 strikeouts and 48 walks.
  • Francisco Liriano could return to the Twins by Thursday if his simulated game goes well, and he'll be utilized out of the bullpen.  I'm interested to see how he responds in this role, a role he hasn't played since a pair of relief appearances for the Twins in late 2005.  If he succeeds, does it change how the Twins see him contributing the team going forward, or is it irrelevant and we'll see him back in the rotation in 2010 no matter what happens?
  • Chuck Finder of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a nice piece on former Twins and AAAA-hitter Garrett Jones.  In 56 games for the Pirates, Jones is hitting .297/.364/.616 with 18 home runs and 14 doubles, 52 strikeouts and 23 walks.  All that in just 242 plate appearances.  His walk rates have gone from pedestrian to good, a career-best 10.1%.  His isolated power is coming in at .316, which is outstanding for anybody.  Can he keep it up?  It doesn't seem likely, but it's good to see him get a shot to play everyday.  Maybe he can make something of himself with the Pirates that he wasn't able to do with the Twins.