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Fun With Search Words

How do some strangers find Twinkie Town?

I keep a fairly close tab on Twinkie Town's metrics, and every once in a while I'll check out what search words people use to end up visiting our community.  There are all of the normal ones, "Twins roster 2010", "JJ Hardy", "Where will Joe Mauer play in 2011", "Joe Mauer contract" "Joe Mauer", "Joe Mauer predictions 2010" and "What is Joe Mauer worth".  There are a couple of recurring odd ones, like "fail" (for all of the failboat pics we get during game threads) or "[insert minor league pitcer] scouting report", but here's a list of my top ten, all-original searches.

10:  "How many miles is it from Minnesota to Texas?"  I'm not sure, but this just seems impossible to me.  How deep in the search did they have to go to find a link here?

9:  "John Denver plane crash"  Um...ouch.  The hit came from an image search.

8.  "krusty the clown"  This was another google image search, from when I used a pic of Krusty to celebrate 300,000 visits.  Oh, so long ago...

7.  "lower back pain above buttocks"  Had to have been one of my injury reports, right?  I'm just glad someone can find us by searching for "buttocks".  Oddly enough I haven't come across anyone searching for "Joe Mauer's butt".

6.  "18 inch crappie"  That's a huge crappie.

5.  "Mike Redmond naked guy"  I'm just glad I'm not the only one searcing for this.

4.  "things that you could do to a twinkie"  Processed-cake-with-frosting-and-filling-dessert-related, not baseball-related, but they found us anyway.

3.  "pat reusse drunk"  How else would one search for Pat Reusse?

2.  "Megan Fox age 14"  For real, someone searched for this, and found a picture of a Rally Megan Fox.  She definitely wasn't 14.

1.  "is joe mauer a jerk?"  This is the best one, because somebody out there is looking for a reason to dislike Joe Mauer!  Sorry, crazy searching person, but Joe isn't a jerk.  He's great.  That is all.