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You Have $5 Million: How Do You Spend It?

Just an exercise to see how you'd spend money that we know is available.  How would you fill out the roster?

In the grand scheme of things, $5 million is a lot of money.  As in, if the average household income in Minneapolis is still around $50,000, it's 100-years-to-make-that-much-money kind of money.  But in baseball, $5 million isn't a lot of ching.

In can, however, still buy the Twins an upgrade or two.

Listed below are is a list of remaining free agents, along with an arbitrary salary for 2010.  Would you add any of these options?  Just remember that, no matter what you add, you can't exceed the $5 million limit.


Player 2010 Age Offer
Erik Bedard 31
-Out of
Pedro Martinez 38 $4 MM
Ben Sheets 31 -Out of
Jarrod Washburn 35 $5 MM


Second Basemen

Player 2010 Age Offer
Ronnie Belliard 35 $800 K
Orlando Hudson 32 $5 MM
Felipe Lopez
30 $4 MM
Adam Kennedy 34 $1 MM
Orlando Cabrera 35 $3 MM


Third Basemen

Player 2010 Age Offer
Aaron Boone 37 Minor League
Joe Crede 32 $1.5 MM
Melvin Mora 38 $1.5 MM



Player 2010 Age Offer
Rocco Baldelli 28 $1 MM
Endy Chavez 32 $1 MM
Johnny Damon 36 -Out of
Jonny Gomes 29 Minor League
Rob Quinlan 33 Minor League
Randy Winn 36 $2.5 million










Who do you pick?